Flair Hotel am Rosenhügel
Flair Hotel am Rosenhügel

Hiking along the Moselle

Perfect starting point for various hikes on the Moselle

Hiking enthusiasts will get their money's worth on the Moselsteig Trail, newly opened in 2014, or when climbing the Bremmer Calmont - Europe's steepest vineyard site, and on many other hiking trails. The start of the Apollo Trail to Valwig, part of the Moselsteig Trail, is in the immediate vicinity of our hotel. We have put together a selection of worthwhile tours for you.

Moselsteig Trail stage 18: Beilstein - Cochem

In the opposite direction, you can start this tour via the Apollweg in the immediate vicinity of our house. You can return by bus or relax on a boat trip back to Cochem.

Flair Hotel am Rosenhügel

Moselsteig Trail stage 19: Cochem - Treis-Karden

This tour starts at the chairlift in Cochem, which also offers a good opportunity to cover the first few metres in altitude in a relaxed manner by taking it up.

"Tal der wilden Endert" adventure trail between Martental Monastery and Cochem

In the wild and romantic Endert Valley, you can expect an unspoilt natural experience with unspoilt nature, narrow footpaths, wooden bridges, lots of forest, a naturally winding river and old mills.

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Calmont-Klettersteig (Bremm, Ediger-Eller, Neef)

The steepest vineyard in Europe awaits you with an ascent that has it all. You will be rewarded with fantastic views of the Moselle loop in Bremm and the ruins of Stuben Monastery.

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Moselkrampen adventure trail (Ernst, Bruttig-Fankel, Beilstein, Ellenz-Poltersdorf)

Varied paths and trails lead through the vineyards, the forest and the small Moselle villages. Here, hikers experience the fauna and flora, history and Moselle culture at first hand.

Burg Eltz in Germany during autumn

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Eltz Castle Panorama Dream Trail

The tour starts in Wierschem and offers marvellous views of the plateaus of the Moselle plateau and tranquil meadow landscapes along the bubbling Elzbach stream. The highlight is the view of Eltz Castle, which is definitely worth a visit.

Roman tombs in Nehren on the Moselle

From Nehren, a short walk along the Roman tombs cultural trail takes you to two burial chambers with the best-preserved vault paintings north of the Alps.

Geierlay at 7am

"Geierlay" suspension rope bridge

A great excursion destination in the Hunsrück which can be easily combined with an easy hike. The longest suspension rope bridge in Germany, which is 360 metres long, 80 cm wide and 100 metres above the ground, stretches between the villages of Sosberg and Mörsdorf.

Flair Hotel am Rosenhügel

VRM guest ticket

The guest ticket enables our guests to reach around 120 excursion and hiking destinations free of charge, including the Moselsteig hiking trails as well as the city of Trier and Koblenz. This is already included in the room rate for our hotel guests.

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