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terms & conditions

All prices and fees are shown as Euro. The room fees include a breakfast and service as well as the VAT.
You can bring your dog for a fee of 6,00 € per night (no food included).
We recommend a travel cancellation insurance.

Terms for cancellations

We charge:
80% of full price for cancellations less than 14 days before arrival

90% of full price if you fail to arrive without cancellation

80% of the price for the cancelled days in case of an early departure.

You can pay cash, with a debit card or Visa/Mastercard. Specials can only be payed cash or with debit card. Terms and conditions of the Deutsches Hotelreglement apply.

The rooms are available from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival. If you should arrive after 6 p.m. please contact us in advance, otherwise we might give the room to someone else who is interested.

On the day of departure you can use your room until 11 a.m..

If you use the on-site parking lot, there is no contract of safe custody. The hotel has no responsibility of monitoring the area. The hotel is not accountable for any damage on your vehicle.

For self-inflicted damage while your stay, you will be held accountable by the hotel.

If you bring your own food and drinks to the hotel, you are responsible for the removal of waste and empty bottles.

Place of execution, jurisdiction and payment is, for both sides, Cochem. German law applies.

Deviant agreements and supplements to an agreement need to be in writing, otherwise they don’t apply. If contractual provisions or terms and conditions don’t apply, BGB/HGB applies. If parts of the contract or the terms and conditions are void, it does not influence other parts of the contract or the terms and conditions.

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