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While walking the “Moselsteig” which was reopened in 2014, while hiking the “Bremmer Calmont”, Europe’s steepest viticulture or on one of the many other hiking trails, every rambler will be satisfied.
The access to the “Apolloweg” to Valwig, a part of the “Moselsteig” is very close to our hotel.

If you are interested in hiking, please ask us for our collection of tours at the reception.

“Moselsteig” Leg 18: Beilstein Cochem

You can walk this part of the “Moselsteig”, starting right outside our hotel, on the “Apolloweg”. For the way back you can either use the bus or go by boat.

Moselsteig Leg 19: Cochem to Treis-Karden

This tour starts at the chair lift in Cochem. If you want, you can use the chair lift instead of walking the first steep part of the tour.

Experiental walk "Tal der wilden Endert" between Kloster Martental and Cochem

In the wild-romantic valley of the „Endert“, you can discover native nature, narrow trails, wooden bridges, the Endert-stream and old mills.

„Calmont-Klettersteig“ (Bremm, Ediger-Eller, Neef)

As the steepest vineyard in Europe, the “Calmont” offers you a demanding ascend. In return you will be treated with great views of the Moselle-slope and the ruins of the old monastery Stuben.

Experiental walk „Moselkrampen” (Ernst, Bruttig-Fankel, Beilstein, Ellenz-Poltersdorf)

Trails and tracks lead you through forests, vineyards and small Moselle-villages. Here you can experience our flora and fauna as well as the regional history and culture.

“Traumpfad Eltzer Burgpanorama”

The tour starts at Wierschem and offers great views of the Moselle-plateau and the meadows around the Eltz-stream. The highlight of this walk is the view of the Burg Eltz which is absolutely worth a visit.

Roman tombs in Nehren / Mosel

From Nehren you can walk the “Kulturweg” and visit two grave-chambers with the best-preserved vault paintings north of the alps.

Rope bridge “Geierlay”

Located in the Hunsrück, you can reach Germany’s longest rope bridge (360m long and 100m above the ground) within a short walk. It links the villages Sosberg and Mörsdorf.


On the website www.tourenplaner-rheinland-pfalz.de you can find further tracks and tours.